Outsourced Services - Vendor Selection

Outsourced Reservations Services - Selecting the Right Partner

All but the largest hotel brands have recognized the efficiency of outsourcing reservations technology and services to third party companies. This includes central reservation systems, their operation by voice reservations agents and connecting the CRS to onward distribution channels such as online travel agencies, GDS and other avenues of distribution. Selecting the right vendor for your needs requires careful planning, analysis and a thorough implementation plan to ensure a successful partnership.

Roommarketer has a wealth of experience assisting large and small hotel organizations with the selection of outsourced reservation services and technology. Our approach is to establish a clear set of objectives - marketing, operational and financial at the onset of the project, followed by a detailed request for proposal and a thorough analysis of all responses to the RFP. We will present you with an easy to read and understand analysis document along with a detailed recommendation that will ensure you partner with a vendor that is best suited to meet your company’s unique needs.

Equally important is our experience assisting clients with all aspects of implementing a new reservations technology and services. We can assist you as much or as little as you require. Contact us for a free consultation and proposal.

Vendor Selection