Why We Are Unique

Everything We Do Is Marketing-Driven. We Are Marketers.

As former hotel marketers, we understand your business and its unique challenges. We are marketers who understand technology and how to use it, not technologists pretending to be marketers.

We Do More Than Recommend, We Help You Make Changes That Create Revenue

Many consultants do no more than provide you with a report telling you what needs to be changed. We understand that the world of electronic distribution can be a bit complex and overwhelming. We provide more than a thorough analysis. We have technical expertise and will help you implement our recommendations.

Business Ethics & Integrity

Our only compensation comes from our clients. Roommarketer never has, nor ever will accept any finder's fees, commissions or kickbacks from vendors or any source other than our clients. This ensures you will receive services and recommendations that are solely focused on your best interests.

Why We Are Unique