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What Our Clients Say About Us

Satisfied clients are those who have experienced a measurable return on their investment. Referrals remain our number one source of new clients. Here is some of what our clients have to say about our work:

The work you have done improving the quality of Orient-Express Hotels' rates, availability and marketing information in the global distribution systems has reaped big dividends. Our annual GDS room nights improved by 63% compared to last year. This equates to incremental revenue of US$2.2 million dollars." John Verhelst
Group Sales & Marketing Director
Orient-Express Hotels
It is exciting to see the impact of what has occurred with the GDS reservation network, following your seminar conducted at the Windsor Court Hotel earlier this year. A noticeable increase in volume has been in effect, specifically over the last three months. I attribute much of this upturn to the better understanding and reorganizing of the GDS listings. The investment made in your coming to the Windsor Court, and the better educating us as to some of the specific tools available within this technological revolution, has more than paid for itself. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for creating a knowledgeable and now empowered, revenue merchandising team here at the Windsor Court Hotel." Hans-Jorg Maissen
Managing Director
Windsor Court Hotel
Thanks for the contribution you and your team made to the GDS revenue performance of Destination Hotels & Resorts. Your training helped create the foundation for far better presentation of our properties on the GDS and made it possible for performance-enhancing changes to be made to our databases. The work you did with the consortia and RezSolutions (Pegasus) helped enable us to present new rates much earlier in the year than in the past. As a result, GDS revenue performance increased 25% in this past year (though your training started in March) and we are seeing even bigger gains in the new year. Our partnership has indeed proven to be a very good investment." Andrew Scantland
Vice President, Marketing
Destination Hotels & Resorts
Having had Jon Pyle here in-situ, I can truthfully say it has been the most valuable piece of training we have had at The Observatory Hotel since opening. He was BRILLIANT, and I believe he is a person well worth the investment." Patrick L. Griffin
Managing Director
The Observatory Hotel (Sydney)
Jon came to Doonbeg at a time when we were trying to get a handle on the North American market and open a new 5 star golf development. What I appreciate most from Jon is his ability to be direct and to tailor his message to our audience, his expertise and most important that he works very hard for his client. His contribution to Doonbeg is not forgotten." Joe Russell
Managing Director
Doonbeg Lodge & Golf Club, County Clare, Ireland
Jon's attention to detail, management capabilities and team leadership elevated him to the most productive VP of Sales in the company worldwide. His even attitude and ability to bond with the most difficult customer are keys to his outstanding business successes. Jon is simply an outstanding sales and marketing manager. I would hire him again in a second." Bill Vervaeke
Former Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing Worldwide
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group